What do I need to bring with me when I collect my order?

If you’ve ordered anything larger than small bedroom furniture (most bedside tables)  please ensure your vehicle is appropriate to able to be loaded with bulky goods eg: utes, vans, trailers or trucks.  Bring along blankets and suitable tie-downs to prevent damage due to items shifting while in transit as this is not covered by the product's warranty. You should also bring someone along to help with the loading process.   

What happens if I don't collect my pickup order?

As per our Terms and Conditions, you must collect or take delivery of your order within 14 days from the day that we notify you that they are available.  If you don’t pick up your order within this time we may charge storage fees of up to $50 per delivery per week or cancel your order.

Can I get someone to assemble my order for me?

We offer an optional assembly service on all products that require assembly.  This service is only available for purchase on orders that are truck delivered.  Please note that mattress ensembles are assembled as part of the Snooze delivery service and don’t incur any extra charge.

Do I have to choose assembly service?

It is up to you whether you wish to choose the assembly service.  All products come with detailed instructions if you wish to assemble the product yourself.

How long does assembly take?

Assembly could take up anywhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the product.

How much does the assembly service cost?

The cost of assembly varies depending on the complexity of the product you are ordering and is displayed when you add a product that needs assembling to your cart.  Please see the below for a basic guide of expected costs for delivery:



Installation fee per item


Simple assembly products, e.g. most beds without storage or gas lift base features.



More labour intense assembly, e.g. gaslift beds, extra drawers, etc



Tivoli Storage Bed



Fusion, Bilby & Phoenix range


Which products require assembly?

Products that require assembly will be clearly labelled so on their individual product pages.  When you add one of these products to your cart we will ask if you also wish to also purchase assembly.

Can I order a replacement part for a discontinued line?

While you can’t order parts for discontinued lines online, your Snooze store may be able to assist if the product is still available from the supplier.

Can I return my order, or cancel my order if I change my mind?

You may cancel an order made online within 24 hours of placement by emailing the store to which your order has been allocated as notified in your order acknowledgement email, or calling the store during its trading hours within 24 hours of placing your order.  Except as set out above, Snooze shall not accept a cancellation of an order for change of mind unless Snooze chooses to do so at its absolute discretion. If Snooze does accept such a cancellation, you must pay an amount that in Snooze’ reasonable view reflects the loss that Snooze will suffer as a consequence of the cancellation (including but not limited to storage fees and any mark down). Snooze shall set off this amount against the payment you have made and refund the balance.

How long will it take for my refund to be processed?

Most refunds will be processed within 5 to 10 business days depending on your financial institution.

What if I don’t receive my refund within 10 business days?

If you don’t receive your refund within 10 business days please contact your allocated store to which the order was processed.

What if I have missing parts in my order?

If you are missing parts from your order please contact the store that you purchased the products from and we will ensure the missing parts are delivered to you free of charge and as quickly as possible.