Is mattress removal available?

Mattress removal is not part of the standard Snooze Delivery service at this time, however many of our stores are able to arrange for your old mattress to be removed. Please check with your local Snooze store for availability (find a Snooze Store).  If your local Snooze store doesn't provide this service, customers can arrange for their old mattress to be collected and recycled through social enterprise Soft Landing. For more information or to book a collection online follow the link here.


What do I need to know prior to my order being delivered?

Prior to delivery you should ensure that there is unobstructed access to your property and to the room that you want your order delivered to.  Any fragile objects should be moved out of the way and if you are having your order assembled please make sure there is enough space for our team to work in.

What is a balcony lift?

A balcony lift means using a crane or similar apparatus to lift your order into your property via your balcony.  We need to do this in cases where there is limited access to your property caused by things such as tight stairwells, tight corners, or small access ways.  There is generally an extra charge for balcony lifts due to their added complexity.  If you indicate you require a balcony lift we will contact you directly to organise this.

Why do you ask questions about my property when I choose the Snooze Delivery Service?

In order to provide the best possible delivery service our delivery team need to be aware of the few pieces of information we ask of you.  There are also certain situations, such as if you need a balcony lift, where we need to contact you directly before you can submit your order to organise a special delivery service and ensure that your allocated store can provide that service.