{ "PageData": { "Name": "Venus Bed Frame in Warwick Newbury 'Chocolate' Fabric with Warwick Mystere 'Citrine' Piping", "Breadcrumbs": [ { "Name": "Beds", "Url": "/Beds" }, { "Name": "All Products", "Url": "/Beds/Products" } ], "PageMainImage": null, "Story": "The Venus Range brings custom made design to your bedroom. Choose from six headboard styles, add the base of your choice, your pick of Warwick's fabric range, before adding those finishing touches that make it truly unique.", "StoryImageURL": "/getmedia/e0468962-85da-4b6e-976a-714378f8f0eb/Snooze_Logo_Brow.svg?ext=.svg", "CampaignDateStart": "01/02/2018", "CampaignDateEnd": "11/03/2018", "CampaignStickerLabel": "", "CampaignOneLiner": "", "CampaignIsMemberEvent": false, "IsMemberEvent": false, "CampaignMemberEventColour": null, "IsMySideProduct": false, "MainSKUNumber": "SNZ-17135" }, "PriceDrivenData": [ { "Size": "Queen", "Variants": [ { "PromotionPriceDetail": null, "SKUNumber": "SNZ-17135", "ProductName": "Venus Queen Bed (Ornate Headboard, Slimline Base in Warwick Newbury 'Chocolate' Fabric with Warwick Mystere 'Citrine' Piping)", "Colour": { "Guid": "4b5e6feb-ec45-4d84-a1c3-c301648301ff", "Id": 786, "Name": "Various Fabric Choices", "SwatchURL": null, "Hex": "#000000", "RGB": "rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)", "SKUGUID": "a0fd95d7-fe67-45ff-8db5-5d6c3ecc2256" }, "OriginalPrice": 2299.0, "SKUGuid": "a0fd95d7-fe67-45ff-8db5-5d6c3ecc2256", "SKUId": 133070, "IsAustralianMade": true, "OriginCountry": "Australia", "Brand": "Ever Design Group Pty Ltd", "Materials": [], "Types": [ "Upholstered", "Venus" ], "Range": "Venus (Hero Range)", "Dimension": null, "Weight": null, "BedBaseType": null, "QuiltWeight": null, "PillowProfile": null, "HeadboardShape": null, "CareInfo": { "Guid": "9fe90bca-92da-4a4f-b9d5-122c2e60457e", "Id": 16, "Name": "General Care", "Description": "Care Instructions will be provided with each product in your delivery or upon pickup." }, "LeadTimeDelays": false, "LeadTimeText": "Estimated to be ready for pickup/delivery in 5 to 10 weeks.", "IsAssemblyRequired": true, "AssemblyPrice": 65.0, "PromotionalContent": null, "SKUImages": [ { "GalleryThumb": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt1_4920x3690_20161014", "Id": "8ef5a5e9-72ea-4bc9-bc00-94cae36f699b", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ThumbnailLarge/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt1_4920x3690_20161014.jpg", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ThumbnailLarge", "Title": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt1_4920x3690_20161014", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/thumbnaillarge/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt1_4920x3690_20161014.jpg" }, "Detail": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt1_4920x3690_20161014", "Id": "8ef5a5e9-72ea-4bc9-bc00-94cae36f699b", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ProductDetail/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt1_4920x3690_20161014.jpg", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ProductDetail", "Title": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt1_4920x3690_20161014", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/productdetail/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt1_4920x3690_20161014.jpg" }, "Zoom": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt1_4920x3690_20161014", "Id": "8ef5a5e9-72ea-4bc9-bc00-94cae36f699b", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Wide/ProductDetailZoom/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt1_4920x3690_20161014.jpg", "Purpose": "Wide", "SizeName": "ProductDetailZoom", "Title": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt1_4920x3690_20161014", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/wide/productdetailzoom/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt1_4920x3690_20161014.jpg" }, "IsMainSKU": true, "IsPageMainImage": false, "IsSKUMainImage": true, "IsSKUHoverImage": false, "IsAdditionalImage": false }, { "GalleryThumb": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt2_4920x3690_20161014", "Id": "67d22c13-dbb5-4458-bd57-4039f11c94a7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ThumbnailLarge/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt2_4920x3690_20161014.jpg", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ThumbnailLarge", "Title": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt2_4920x3690_20161014", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/thumbnaillarge/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt2_4920x3690_20161014.jpg" }, "Detail": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt2_4920x3690_20161014", "Id": "67d22c13-dbb5-4458-bd57-4039f11c94a7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ProductDetail/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt2_4920x3690_20161014.jpg", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ProductDetail", "Title": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt2_4920x3690_20161014", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/productdetail/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt2_4920x3690_20161014.jpg" }, "Zoom": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt2_4920x3690_20161014", "Id": "67d22c13-dbb5-4458-bd57-4039f11c94a7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Wide/ProductDetailZoom/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt2_4920x3690_20161014.jpg", "Purpose": "Wide", "SizeName": "ProductDetailZoom", "Title": "SNZ17135_QS_chocolate_LS_alt2_4920x3690_20161014", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/wide/productdetailzoom/snz17135_qs_chocolate_ls_alt2_4920x3690_20161014.jpg" }, "IsMainSKU": true, "IsPageMainImage": false, "IsSKUMainImage": false, "IsSKUHoverImage": false, "IsAdditionalImage": true } ] } ] } ], "PriceDrivenMySideData": null }

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Customise your dream mid-century modern bed

Are you buttoned, curvy mid-century modern, classic, scalloped or winged, or romantically ornate? Whatever your style, the custom made, fully upholstered Venus Range is something of a designer dream. Choose the decadent luxury of a diamond pleated Ornate headboard, pictured here, and pair it with your choice of base. If you opt for the standard base, as shown, you could try mixing and matching your headboard and base fabrics. With the full library of Warwick upholstery fabrics to choose from, the possibilities seem endless. Then add the finishing touches, like studding, contrast piping or deeper, hand-tufted buttoning, for a truy bespoke experience.

Tell-tale signs like hand cut pine frames reveal the beginnings of the Venus range in quality upholstery. Using time honoured skills like hand-tufting, the Venus range is made by a family owned, former upholstery company in NSW. Other custom made features includes brass or silver studding, contrast piping or combining different fabrics on headboard and base.


Create a bespoke bedroom with the Venus range of fully customisable beds.

  • Choice of six headboard designs
  • Select from a range of base and storage options
  • More bespoke design options available in store
  • Your pick from Warwick’s upholstery fabric range
  • Matching blanket boxes and slip covers available
  • Design online with bedBUILDER®
Australian Made

Australian Made

12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty

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Assembly Service

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Delivery Service

We offer postage on small items and truck delivery on larger items. For truck delivered items your order will be delivered by two people to the room of your choice, and product packaging will be taken away.  If you’ve purchased an ensemble base we will also affix the castors/legs to the ensemble base. Delivery costs are calculated during the checkout process.

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You can pick your order up from your most convenient Snooze store free of charge. Simply select the pickup option during the checkout process. 

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